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 Volume 1, Number 1

November 1996 

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 Sustainable San Francisco Faces New Challenges
 SSF Bids Farewell to Beryl Magilavy
 Sustainability Plan Moves Forward
 New Environmental Commission

Sustainable San Francisco Faces New Challenges

Sustainable San Francisco (SSF) was conceived as a broad collaborative effort to draft a sustainability plan for San Francisco. Mission accomplished! Now what? Well, the SSF steering committee has been busy discussing that question, and has come up with some exciting answers.

SSF has become an independent organization dedicated to education about and advocacy for urban sustainability concepts in general and the Sustainability Plan for San Francisco in particular. We are now a project of the Tides Center, which acts as our fiscal agent, giving us non-profit status. We have appointed Janet Jacobs as our Project Director, and have set up administrative offices. (Note our new mailing address, phone and fax numbers.)

We have plenty to do and invite you to join us! We've developed a fundraising committee, a community outreach committee, and a special events committee. Additionally, we need help with publicity, research, and phone calling. Please call Janet at our office, 285-6106, for more information.

Action Alert!!
The new Environmental Commission will meet to discuss the Sustainability Plan on Tuesday, November 12, 6:00 p.m. 401 Van Ness, Room 207. Please come support the plan.


SSF Bids Farewell to Beryl Magilavy

As you know, Beryl has been the lead organizer in the effort to draft the sustainability plan. With Beryl's appointment to the new environmental commission, she can no longer be an active member of SSF. We'll miss her leadership, but we look forward to working closely with her and the new commission. Congratulations, Beryl!

Janet Jacobs, our Project Director, has been working with Sustainable San Francisco since January, when she volunteered to be a recorder for the Food and Agriculture Circle. She became an active member of the steering committee, managing both media and community outreach, and coordinating the public hearings held at the new main library. Her other volunteer activities included copy-editing the draft and handling administrative details.


Sustainability Plan Moves Forward

City Circles met in September to complete the final draft of the plan. Drafters referred to comments from the public when finalizing their sections. The final draft for consideration by city commissions and the board of supervisors is available for pick-up at the Solid Waste Management Office, 1145 Market Street (between 7th and 8th Streets), fourth floor. Or, you can read it on the web at http://www.igc.apc.org/sustainable. Many thanks to Z Smith for putting the new draft on the web.

Now comes the work of implementing the plan. City Circle participants were asked at the September meetings to develop a legislative agenda and list some priority actions. Several groups submitted those items. The environmental commission will review that list and incorporate it into their implementation plans. It's not too late to think about priority actions and/or legislation initiatives. Please contact Janet Jacobs at SSF for more information.


New Environmental Commission

The Sustainability Plan is now in the hands of the new environmental commission. SSF congratulates newly appointed commissioners:

Anne Eng, an environmental attorney with Earth Island Institute and Golden Gate Law Clinic; Becky Evans, chair, conservation committee of the San Francisco group of the Sierra Club, and a long-time active member of the citizens advisory committee for water and waste water; Steven Krefting, Deputy Political Director, Sierra Club; Beryl Magilavy, President, Sustainable City, past organizer, SSF; past chair, executive committee, San Francisco group of the Sierra Club; Paul Okomoto, architect and past president of Urban Ecology; Linda Richardson, Operations Director, Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice.

Commissioners Eng, Evans, Krefting, Magilavy and Okamoto all served on the advisory commission on San Francisco's environment.

SSF will work closely with the new environmental commission toward city endorsement of the plan. Over the next few months, the environmental commission will take the plan to city commissions which are key to implementing actions identified in the plan. SSF will be asking you to attend those hearings. (See Action Alert box.) The commission expects to present the plan to the Board of Supervisors for its endorsement in early 1997.


Holiday Gift Idea!

Give Sustainable San Francisco to your family and friends!

Although we are actively seeking foundational support for this next phase, SSF is currently operating on the volunteer efforts and donations of a few committed activists. Your contribution will go a long way toward moving San Francisco along the path to sustainability. Let us know the name and address of the person your gift donation is for. We'll send them an I Sustain San Francisco certificate acknowledging your gift. Please make your checks payable to Sustainable San Francisco/Tides Center. Mail them to Sustainable San Francisco, P.O. Box 460236, San Francisco, CA 94146. Thank You!!


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