Green City Project

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Green City Project is dedicated to increasing the compatibility of cities with their local natural systems by providing resources to link individuals and group with each other and community-based ecological activities. Green City is a project of the Planet Drum Foundation, a non-profit ecological education organization that promotes the concepts of bioregions and emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance

The Green City Project was born as a program of the Planet Drum Foundation in 1990 after the publication of the 1989 book A Green City Program for the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond, which was the result of a series of meetings which organized to discuss mutual sustainable public policy goals for cities. These meetings brought together 150 knowledgeable individuals that included educators, planners, government agencies, businesses, ecologists and activists with a goal of developing visions and proposals for change in nine specific Green City areas: Urban Planting, Smart Transportation, Sustainable Planning, Renewable Energy, Neighborhood Character and Empowerment, Recycling and Reuse, Celebrating Life-Place Vitality, Urban Wild Habitat, and Socially Responsible Small Businesses and Cooperatives.

Since 1990, Planet Drum’s Green City Project has been bringing ideas from the book into action in the San Francisco Bay Area. The project is carried out through four specific programs:

Green City Volunteer Network
A database which lists over 430 Bay Area groups working on any and every aspect of urban sustainability. The Network serves as a free over-the-phone volunteer and information referral service where we “matchmake” over 250 volunteers a month with groups according to interest and location. We are also glad to make information referrals -- to the media, groups within the Network, businesses, schools, and individuals -- just to let people know “who is doing what where.” For your own referral, call Maggie at 415/285-6556.

A program that coordinates hands on bioregional education for Bay Area educators from Volunteer Network groups to Bay Area K-12 classrooms. Teachers who want supplementary hands-on curricula on alternative transporation, composting, watersheds, bioregionalism, native plants, native wildlife & their habitat, renewable energy, and more can call Dana at 415/285-6556. She’ll arrange for an informative, entertaining presentation and a hands-on “service learning” project on or around school grounds.

Green City Calendar
A publication that lists hands-on environmental workdays and educational events throughout the Bay Area. The listings provide Volunteer Network groups with a forum to generate volunteers and publicize their work, while the newsletter section explores the triumphs and challenges in the urban sustainability movement and lets people know who’s putting their words into cutting-edge action.

Neighborhood Workshop/Workdays
Collaborative, hands-on educational projects organized and sponsored by Green City to bring together individuals, community organizations and businesses to undertake needed work in urban ecological restoration that address some common urban environmental issue.

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