Water: Sacred and Profaned

A New Video Program

Many documentaries have focused on the various ways in which the Earth’s water has become polluted and otherwise profaned. This program, however, explores the sacred nature of this precious gift which is everywhere, surrounding us, enveloping our lives and those of every other living thing.

In this program produced by the Foundation, six unique men and women share their experiences and insights about water, the most abundant and fundamental element of the Earth.

Linda Hogan is an award-winning poet and novelist with roots in the Native American tradition. A Chicasaw by birth, she expresses her lifelong love of the living world and all its inhabitants.

Robert Hass is a naturalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. For three years he served at the Library of Congress as the Poet Laureate of the United States where he created a project called “River of Words.”

Susan Zwinger, an award-winning author and naturalist, has worked in Alaska as an interpretive ranger for the National Park Service. She teaches at all levels from elementary school to the university.

Colin Fletcher is the author of The Man Who Walked Through Time. At age 67, Fletcher decided to make a six-month solo journey down the entire 1700 mile length of the Colorado River.

Jennifer Greene is the director of the Water Research Institute of Blue Hill in Maine. She lectures in schools, universities, and at conferences around the world.

David Whyte is a poet, reading and lecturing in public and organizational settings in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Throughout the program are compelling images of water in all its forms -- clouds, snow, rain, ice, rivers, lakes, and oceans -- culminating in a four-minute montage of beauty set to the inspiring music of David Foster. Narration is by Peter Coyote.

Water: Sacred and Profaned 27 minutes

This video can be ordered from Foundation for Global Community, Distribution Department, 222 High Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301 • (650) 328-7756 • $24 (includes tax, shipping and handling)