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Throughout this website you will find these two navigational tips useful:

  • Whenever you want to return to the Home Page, click on the logo that is in the upper left hand corner, at the top of most pages.

  • Whenever you click on a link to somebody else’s website, a new window will open to display that page. To return to our website, close that new window.

The Home Page gives direct access to each of the 15 Topics of the Plan. For each topic, a narrative introduction links to separate sections about a strategy for achieving goals, indicators by which to measure progress, and a listing of the drafting group, with affilliations, of that portion of the Plan.

On the Home Page, above and below the links to the Plan, there are links to the other sections of the website:






calendars links to searchable calendars of events contributing to San Francisco sustainability.

forums has a link to Sustainable City Talk, our web discussion board, as well as information about our Announcements e-mail list and access to its archives.

newsletters contains all of the Sustainable San Francisco newsletters

documents is where we post documents generated by Sustainable City (including notes on meetings of the working groups). Here you will also find some background documents written before the plan drafting process began.

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site news is a place to find out what has changed recently on this site
search allows you to search this site for any phrase.

local news presents links to Chronicle and Examiner news stories relating to the topics addressed by the Plan.

organizations highlights the amazing creative spirit of the people of San Francisco, with brief descriptions of local non-profit and municipal organizations that are already working toward a sustainable city, and links to their websites.

almanac is a brief view of a few of the transitions taking place in the lives of our wildlife neighbors.

interviews is a growing collection of discussions with articulate activists.

articles is a classified index of stimulating articles and essays about the topics addressed by the Plan.

books gives links to reviews of relevant books, and lists of recommended titles.

resources gives links to online documents, tools, and educational materials.

sites is an annotated collection of worthwhile websites not hosted by local non-profit organizations.

bioregion is a window into the thoughts and activities of bioregionalists in our Shasta Bioregion.